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30 Something Thoughts - Technology & I Have A Bad Romance

While I don't have a theme for the blog, I do like to write different little series from time to time. I had them on the older version of this blog... I see no reason not to continue. When I turned 30 (a year ago... hahaha), I thought that I would be cool to chronicle what it was like to be in my 30's. This is a series that I started before I fell out of the blog world. I truly believe that in many ways, age is just a number. Most people don't believe me when I tell them that I'm 36. I love playing the age game just to see the shock on people's faces when I tell them that I am not 26 (this is the most common age I'm put at... anything younger is truly flattering). I am told that I have a youthful personality (which I always have to confirm that this is not a cute way of calling me childish or immature... hahaha)... so I guess that may also throw some people off. My Grandma (who is 78) seems to have the same flair about her... so perhaps that is where I get it f…

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