So... a few Sundays ago, my pastor preached on offense (or being offended). One of the things he said was that offense should roll off of our backs like water (I may not be getting this verbatim, but that was the point). I can't remember if this was part of a scripture or not. In any event, picture water rolling off your back... this is how unbothered you should be by the offenses of life.

Sometimes, when things are said in church, I metaphorically kind of roll my eyes... (I'm just being honest) or just tune it out a bit. Sometimes, I feel like the church community can be so general about things. I am not trying to justify having a wrong attitude or spirit. I am just saying that life can feel so complex at times... and writing down point number 4 in the sermon may not always feel like enough to suffice for where I am at in life.

In pondering on this a bit deeper, I realize that maybe my pastor was right. Offense is something that happens to us all. Some are minor. Some are major. Some are just plain out catastrophic. Nevertheless, what I've come to realize is that offense not only offends... it also robs. When something offends you, it ruffles you in some manner. No one (I don't care who you are) is completely numb to offense. We ALL have emotions, even if we deal with them differently. I feel like even people who act unbothered are being robbed of openness and vulnerability. Offense can rob you of your time. If you can't get it off of your mind or are venting it out... that's time. It can rob you of your peace. It can rob you of your character if it causes you to react in a way that can be unfavorable. It can rob you of your energy on different levels. It can rob you of your happiness. Offense not only slaps you, and pushes you on the ground. It also runs off with a piece of your internal wealth.

It is so easy to stay in a place of indifference and irritation when it comes to being offended. I definitely think you need to evaluate the type of offenses that come into your life... as well as the source. I think that it is wise to cultivate a behavior that really does cause offenses to roll off your back because, at times, there is no escaping them. If I could, I'd run off to an island and let real water run off of me. However, that is not real life. I have learned that many times in life taking the high road may feel like you "lost the fight"... or are a punk. I just think that it important to decide what you want for yourself. I've reached an age where I don't have time for too many things that zap me of my positive energy. Sometimes, you can cut off situations. Other times, it's not so easy. Either way, you have to fight the dark energy with the light that's in you.

The Bible says that we wrestle not against flesh and blood... (Ephesians 6:12). If we are wrestling against principalities and powers, then we have to know that we must use the light in us to overcome the darkness trying to attack our energy. Sometimes, that means biting your tongue. Sometimes, that means not responding to everything. Sometimes, that means walking away. Sometimes, that means really thinking about the offense. Is it really a personal attack... or is this a normal occurrence across the board? Sometimes, it's not giving the offense the energy of even mentioning it for venting purposes. Sometimes, it does mean cutting off toxic situations. For me, I feel like it always means prayer for direction.

These days, I am trying to look out more for my higher self. It's not so much about proving points... or maintaining a certain image to others. It's just about what brings me peace across the board. High energy feels so AMAZING! That is where I want to dwell for the majority of my time. I don't like feeling low. I don't like being out of my character or element. I don't like dark energy coming in to rob me of my happiness and productivity. I don't like being robbed of kindness and love. I can't control all of the elements around me. However, I can try to just learn and grow from it all in the most beautiful way possible. So... that's the goal. I guess the seed my pastor planted is starting to grow. These are just some thoughts floating through my mind. We all handle things differently... and I would never try to impose my way on anyone. I'm just putting this energy out there for whoever may appreciate it... and for my own therapy (hahaha)! :)




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