Ageless Autumn

I've decided that I don't want to live by an age anymore. NOBODY believes I'm 37. I don't feel like I'm 37. I don't want to try and live up to an age anymore. It's maddening and it makes me feel awkward. I'm a unicorn. I'm a mermaid. I'm also very serious & mature. I'm a woman. I'm a girl. I'm a princess. I'm a Goddess. Sometimes, I feel like I'm 50. I'm so sick is standards. I just want to be FREE to be me! I'm not a force that everyone will understand. And God knows I don't understand a great many of the people that walk this planet. I've spent my whole life feeling like I was supposed to live up to all of this stuff. A lot of it just feels like an illusion these days. I don't want to be judged by an age because I know people older than me that act 5.
Maybe if we can get out of the age prison, we can stop feeling like life has stopped ticking for us. Ok, look, I'm NOT being delusional here. We DO age! It's true. There are things that we need to do to keep ourselves up. And some things are not age appropriate. But I'm just trying to break out of a box that doesn't fit. I'm not trying to turn back a clock. I just honestly don't feel 37. And it makes me feel weird because I don't see myself as this immature "woman child". And it just makes me think that maybe we should take off the age box to an extent and just live from our souls. Don't let your age dictate where you can go in life. As I said, aging is REAL! Biology is REAL! But age is just not as limiting as we sometimes make it. Follow your heart until the day that you die. Not sure if this makes sense. But then this is coming from the woman who think she's a being that floats. Hahaha. I just feel like so many things are a mental trap. I'm just finding age to be one of them. Every day that God gives us life is a CHANCE for us to continue living our best lives. Sometimes, our dreams or thoughts may mature... but they never really have to die. Perhaps they just take on a different shape and form. Idk... just some thoughts to help me (us) stay a bit more open.



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