"Taking footsteps may not always lead you where you think."
-Autumn M. Ritchie

So... I think that I actually just want to be a lowkey blogger moving forward. Putting my stuff out to the masses is just too stressful for me. It makes me think way too much. It's crazy because I thought I wanted to be more open with my writing... but now I am thinking that a lower profile is better. I feel like when I was blogging before, it was kind of on more of a lowkey level. I wasn't seriously advertising my blog everywhere. It's not even that I think this blog is bad. I'm just not a person who can take blogging serious like that anymore. I feel like when I go to post something on social media, it has to live up to all of these standards. I can take pressure... but do I really need to feel this way about something as frivolous as blogging? Blogging is an extension my me and my writing... but it's really not the totality of me. To be honest, I view this as a metaphorical scribble pad. I'm not in a place where I am ready to sell myself. This is the internal conflict that I have with blogging.  I'm not saying that amazing word and works can't come from this. I just don't like feeling like I am running around naked. I think it was good for me to do this to see how I felt about things. As I said, I'll still post here. I just can't do the constant sharing. It stresses me out way too bad. And it's over something that I don't see as being a serious thing. Maybe I'll actually like doing this better if I feel like no one is watching.


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