30 Something Thoughts - Technology & I Have A Bad Romance

While I don't have a theme for the blog, I do like to write different little series from time to time. I had them on the older version of this blog... I see no reason not to continue. When I turned 30 (a year ago... hahaha), I thought that I would be cool to chronicle what it was like to be in my 30's. This is a series that I started before I fell out of the blog world. I truly believe that in many ways, age is just a number. Most people don't believe me when I tell them that I'm 36. I love playing the age game just to see the shock on people's faces when I tell them that I am not 26 (this is the most common age I'm put at... anything younger is truly flattering). I am told that I have a youthful personality (which I always have to confirm that this is not a cute way of calling me childish or immature... hahaha)... so I guess that may also throw some people off. My Grandma (who is 78) seems to have the same flair about her... so perhaps that is where I get it from. In any event, no matter how young I appear to be... I'm still a 36 year old woman. The truth is that some things really do change for 20's to 30's. I truly believe that one of those things is the ability to stop really looking at age (at least for me). Upon turning 35, I looked at myself in the mirror like: "really"? I honestly don't feel like I thought I would at this age. I know that I am single with no kids (because that is really what ages people... come on now)... but I don't feel like that would change much. I'd just be the fun mom and the cool wife. I don't know, I guess I'm just young at heart. I hope that never changes.

Nevertheless, my fountain of youth runs dry when it comes to technology. I love it. I hate it. It's great. It makes me sick. It's fun. It's just too much. I wears out my soul and finds ways to waste my time. Believe me when I tell you that I have been like this from the start. I can remember me and my family going to my associate pastor's house (because we did not have a computer) to check out this new thing called the internet. I can remember looking at it and not being all that swept away. I found it so completely annoying when I would try to call my friends only to find that I could not get through because they were online. You will only understand this struggle if you were a teenager in the 90's. Basically, if you were on the net... you could not use your phone. This was before cellphones had really emerged. We had these things called house phones (or landlines). When IM came on the scene, I could just not be bothered. If I had to talk to you for too long via chat, you'd be getting a phone call. Then there was my GREAT disdain for Facebook. The only reason that I got a Facebook page was to spy on my brother. And as you can see, that relationship did not stand the test of time. I feel like I am one of the Facebook OGs because I was on there before there was even a Newsfeed. It was just a one dimensional page. It was only for college... and maybe high school students. It was boring and mundane in comparison to what it is now. I can remember when we would only do a status update like once. a. week... let that sink in...hahaha! Now... for some reason I gravitated towards Twitter. I don't know what it is... but I love me some Twitter. I also love blogs. IG and Snapchat might be more appealing if I had a more interesting life. I'm not dogging on my life... but I go to the same places on a very regular basis. There really is not much to see. So why am I writing this post? Well... last night... I was trying to import my pictures from my phone to my laptop... and it wouldn't work. I tried it again and again... same results. I really only want to import the pictures so that I can upload them to my blog. After having my HP shut down my request one too many times... I decided to try to do it from my phone. The same thing happened. I am basically being told that I have no pictures in my phone. I'm pretty sure that I am not a ghost who is taking pictures... so whatever do they mean??? I open the phone and see a ton of pictures. I proceed to go on Google (the oracle for all questions) and find these crazy instructions for what I need to do. This where I start to show my age. I get so impatient with stuff like this. It's like you can feel the grey hairs emerging as you try to figure out where this portal that you are reading about is at on your laptop. I'm sorry... but it all looks like a foreign language to me!!! And why does it seem like my upgraded devices are less simplistic than my older ones? I thought convenience was supposed to be the point. To top it off, I see that I am not the only one having this problem. I was actually reading an Apple. Support. Article. where the person admitted that they were just doing a work around because they could not get their device to work. How completely disheartening...

In coming back to blogging, I thought a lot about photos. It's easier to just take your own... because if you take the wrong thing from Google... you are liable to get sued. I don't feel like researching what photos I can use and not use. I know that is lazy... but I am just being honest. I'd rather just take my own photos. Nevertheless, I really did think about how photos don't have to be such a huge factor. When you read a novel... there are typically not pictures. I do believe that photos make blogs more appealing... but right now I have phantom photos. I really have no idea what they are talking about on Google... so I guess that I will be taking a trip to the Verizon store today. I feel like the guys at Verizon can act like they are so above the elementary banter on technology. It makes me want to ask them if they went to school for this... or did they just find a job on Indeed.com like so many other people. Don't look down on me if you just went through a training program to get your knowledge. It could also be that technology has given us all ADHD on some level. So many people do not have the attention span to hold a conversation... even at their jobs. I really want to be able to use pictures for the blog... so we shall see how this goes. If worst comes to worst... I'll just make myself watch a YouTube tutorial. Right now... I'm just being impatient. It sounds so completely stupid considering that my iPhone 4 would just upload everything at the click of a button... but that is just not the case with these newer versions. Wish me luck. Hopefully... I'll have photos soon. I chose to file this under 30 Something Thoughts because I feel like as I get older... this technology thing just gets worse and worse with me. There was a time that I would try to work at things a bit harder... but who has the patience... or the time?

Happy Saturday!




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